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I remember running,

Running for my life,

Life being chased down by demons,

Demons that fed off gloom and strife.

I came across a door,

A door that lead to a room,

A room so somber, so quiet, so dark,

The dark yet I chose over my impending doom.

Before they could catch up to me,

I shut the door behind me, tight,

Now on the other side, they knew,

They knew I craved the light.

The light was now a distant dream,

A dream never meant to come true,

For leaving the dark now meant,

I'd have to see myself through.

I'd have to embrace my fears,

Instead of pushing them away,

I'd have to embrace my mistakes,

And the nights that never saw the day.

But deep down I still had hope,

I had, left in me, a little fight.

Stress sneered, anxiety snickered,

The fangs of depression and loneliness shone bright.

But my mind was made up,

I told myself, one last time,

You are stronger than them,

It's all because of your mind.

Almost as if a sign, a ray of light

Lit up my once dark hiding space,

With it came courage and determination,

Also a renewed confidence and grace.

I walked out, with my head held high,

Ready to set out on my crusade,

They gnawed and gnawed at my soul,

But I made it through, like I believed I would, Unscathed.

Prajakta Phatak is currently pursuing her MBA from Indian Institute of Foriegn Trade. She writes at her own blog www.olandjackie.wordpress.com.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organization, employer or company.

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