• Radhika Agarwal

Travel is the pursuit of Happiness

They say "You can't buy happiness, but you can buy a travel ticket", and that's kind of the same thing. Travel is to roam around our very own and every part of the land. One of the most important ways to live and enjoy life to the fullest is traveling. Traveling is the most exciting and overwhelming exercise that puts you amongst the diverse cultures, places, people, food, and water that you never get tired of and drives your motivational, intellectual and spiritual energy in the right direction. To travel is to seek the high and lows of the world while moving around and exploring the world with different perspectives. To travel is to remind oneself that you're never stuck in one place such that you can push yourself to find happiness and peace and learn the new ways of living. It lays before you the opportunity to gorge upon infinite flavors that the world has to offer and develop a new sense of experiences and comfort zones. In order to meet your real self and praise every other sight that meets your eyes is to travel. Travel allows you to undergo endless adventures of time and place thereby rejuvenating your mind and soul. Travel heals up the scars from the past and lights up your future challenges to overcome for a well-balanced life.

Travel because you never know when your dreams become greater than your memories.

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