• Aman Shyamsukha

Letter to my future son

Dear future son, I believe I am a bit young

I want to tell you some things and trust me, this is not just for fun

Maybe you are not so handsome or smart like me

But accept it, you are a mini version of me

I hope to see you becoming a person with a strong personality

A person who won’t go back on his words, whatever be the reality

I hope that you play some sports like football

And come back home even without scoring a goal

Winning is not the only thing that you should desire

Learning from the failures is what you should admire

Never let the feeling of others judgement to come around

Failure in your own is what that can only let you down

People may question you, why have you changed?

But you don’t need to answer as you are not scared

Hold the door for women and for men too

Because kindness doesn’t have an asterisk which could sue you

Sometimes you can let your guard down

Because life experiences are what that won’t let you fall down

Don’t let yourself be shackled in your own sadness

Always look for the ways and show your willingness

Never let your loved ones cry

Relations is the only thing that money can’t buy

Find a girl who is an unedited and unfiltered version of herself

Falling in love with her is falling in love with yourself

At times you will lead and at times she’ll be your guide

Don’t get arrogant and always have her by your side

You don’t give her rights, she already has them

God gifted them to her, so honor and protect them

Love her with all your desire

Don’t be a person who contains a lover’s fire

Don’t play with someone like they are toys

And then blame your mistakes on ‘Boys will be Boys’

Pain is the force that lets you know you are still alive

It’s on you, how to take this pain in order to thrive

Be a strong man and don’t let your emotions to hide

Don’t be like your father who hesitated to cried

I want you to laugh with your old man or you could even cry with me

But whatever it is, I won’t be a person who stops you

I will let you go

Because that’s how you will grow

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