• Aman Shyamsukha


I could feel myself drowning

I wasn’t wearing a life jacket

Warned by my intuitions

Of taking some precautions

It told me about the heavy clouds

The dark sky, and the storm

‘Oh , c’mon , there’s nothing to fear.

Just by the shore

Won’t take a step further more.’

‘Sure , if that’s what you want, my duty was to warn.’

There I stood

Feeling the wind in my hair

Gushing into my ear

Waves came touching my feet

‘Oh, just few more steps, nothing to sweat!’

The rapids were strong

The water was cold

Sand stuck between my toes

I was played with the waves

I could taste the salty crystals

As the strong waves hit my face

I dug deep into the mud

Hoping my feet would stick!

I feared

My balance off

My body not too strong

I couldn’t fight the waves

Am I being carried away!!

I fought for breath

But the ocean had no end

Falling deep into an abyss

I could hear the voice saying

‘I warned you.’

Disappointed by my actions

I knew I would do it again

And it would warn me yet again

As I lie down on bed

At 3 A.M.



Only to drown myself

Into the flood of my own thoughts

Hoping, one day I would obey.

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