• Neeraj Tulsani

The world he dreamt of

About this poem and how I came about writing it -

We all dream. Dreams which we plan to achieve while we are energetic. But life is a rollercoaster ride therefore sometimes we do reach that dream but sometimes those dreams are shattered. And it's painful. These dreams can be anything.

Everyone has different thinking abilities and hence everyone will gasp a different sense of this poem depending upon what type of dream they are thinking.

The World He Dreamt Of

Looking through the windowpane,

his mind lost in vain.

The world he dreamt of,

Is now broken and flew away like a dove.

All the plans he had made,

Are all open for trade

The memories he thought of,

Are all very far off.

Happiness was now just a term,

he had many things to learn.

Melancholy is his new friend,

everything he dreamt was coming to an end.

A sip of tea from his cup,

he knew that something was up.

Going back in time,

all he found was an unworthy dime.

His mind was still in vain,

all his heart screamed was in pain.

He tried to look beyond,

all he wanted was to sing along.

It was a glitch in time,

To him it was a crime.

The sky started to rain,

his mind was still in vain.

He started to feel numb,

he knew it since he wasn’t dumb.

He felt like being in a coma,

it was such a big trauma.

Finally, the sun shined again,

he wanted to get out of this pain.

He pushed himself,

As if he was a shelf.

It was tougher than he thought,

it was something he didn't bought.

He wanted to stand up again,

but the memories are still pain.

The world he dreamt of,

is now broken and flew away like a dove.


Now that you reached the end of my poem, I'd like to know if you have felt this aching feeling in your chest too, down in the comments.

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