• Radhika Agarwal

Slaves of our Own Lives

Ever since we've started taking part in our own lives, we have come to realize how easily the urge of dependency pushes us away from the strongest own self and starts ruling our lives. We tend to fall and lose ourselves despite the intensity of our feelings for someone who just grows stunningly real in the first appearance. We sincerely start to bury our real intentions, hopes, and desires irrespective of what is genuinely required to be considered, just at the moment when we find someone already falling for us. That's the moment we turn ourselves into becoming “SLAVES OF OUR OWN LIVES". Unanticipatedly we are likely to get turned on, by every of there little actions no matter where they lead us to. And eventually, we're fallen apart and get carried away with the feigned personality of the other which equally destroys us with ultimate betrayal and strengthens our innate state to the extent to never even try lifting up low standardized people. Because it's down there, they deserve to stay by never matching your standards.

Becoming slaves is however not that limited. We are gradually giving up on things we once desired for and slowly settling for ones we find are the easiest catch. It's no more about who we are becoming slaves to but why are we becoming slaves at all. We have been taught about confidence, responsibility, willingness, and curiosity so much and yet we only seem to remember about words like wish, fine, okay, oh ya, etc.

We are agreeing and accepting the undefined patterns and trends which once seemed vague to us. We hardly wanna try to bring about a change. Change in terms of our personality, our habits, our society, our world, precisely the whole artificiality that we have built around us.

Why is being slaved better than being boring? Because we know for a fact there is much more demand for a person who is readily available than the one shows no interest in anything. We are hardly an inch away from becoming the ultimate destroyer of the things we have so eagerly developed so far.

But where did we go wrong? What have we forgotten? Is it just me who feels or is it you who feels the same way? Perhaps, we ourselves deep down know what we are missing out on or what we losing the hold of. For some of us, it may be about a person or a habit of oneself, while for some of us it may be about our to-do list about introducing world to the new things. We all have our goals right in our pockets all set and prepared, but we don't know if we are choosing the right path to reach them. Possibly it's all becoming blur and unclear. Our goals, our habits, our relations, our desires, our dreams, our promises, our ambitions, our to-do list, it's all becoming blur and a big compromise.

It's for you to decide, how you want to see yourself in the mirror or show yourself to the world about your dreams and promises, either by becoming a slave of your own life or pursuing one's life goals.

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