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Pornhub: An Unseen Pandemic

Trigger Warning: The sexual abuse and rape of underage girls are being discussed during this article. We understand this is a heavy topic but it must be discussed.

Pornhub is the largest and most popular porn site in the world owned by the mega porn parent company Mindgeek. Mindgeek’s monopoly over the commercialized porn industry is staggering. Pornhub is not their only site – they also own Youporn among others, and also own production companies that make pornography. It is free to access, with no age restrictions, and raises revenue through advertising and paid-for promotions by porn producers. Pornhub averages 42 billion visits per year, that's 115 million visits every day. Most of the content featured on this site is user-generated amassing six million new videos each year that would take a hundred and sixty-nine years to watch. Pornhub has become the global epicenter of internet pornography.

The company makes hundreds of millions of dollars through ad revenue data collection and premium subscriptions and is blatantly enabling and profiting from sexual abuse and child sex trafficking. Currently, there are dozens of allegations on pornhub for abusing the platform and showing nonconsensual sex videos. Like BBC reported that a 14-year-old who was kidnapped was raped on knifepoint and assaulted on camera for twelve hours. Her video was uploaded and went viral on pornhub. Three videos of her assault were posted to the platform: “teen crying and getting slapped around”, “teen getting destroyed”, and “passed out teen”. Video titles like these often appeal to mass audiences. One of the videos even reached half a million views. She had to beg pornhub for months and threatened legal action to remove the videos of her rape and torture.

Pornhub remarked that “extremists” are lobbying to shut them down. See I am not an anti-porn person and definitely not demanding to ban pornography from all over the world. But these cases and how pornhub is dealing with them is totally unacceptable. Feeling sick to your stomach yet? Just wait. There’s more. A fifteen-year-old girl who went missing was found after fifty-eight videos of her being raped were uploaded on pornhub. And these videos were in the trending list of the website. These examples only begin to scratch the surface of the sexual crimes found on pornhub.

Public Evidence of Exploitation on Pornhub

According to the internet watch foundation in only two years, they processed a confirmed 118 cases of child rape and trafficking on pornhub. These aren't any models or actresses playing a role in a movie, these are real videos of women and children being sexually abused, violated, and traumatized.

When PornHub was asked why videos with similar titles and themes are still being permitted on their site, they replied with “We allow all forms of sexual expression that follow our Terms of Use, and while some people may find these fantasies inappropriate, they do appeal to many people around the world and are protected by various freedom of speech laws.” You read that right. This titan of a porn site defended their potentially non-consensual videos by claiming they “do appeal to many people around the world”. This is sickening and it’s time for it to end.

I am putting this again, I am not against banning porn but these websites should be put accountable for these cases. There is no verification of the user who could upload a video on pornhub and it could be uploaded within one minute. In short, there is no authenticity and no accountability at all. One big way to reduce the demand for this type of content is to raise awareness about it. To every porn viewer, how can you take pleasure from watching a girl being raped and sexually assaulted? If everyone knows the truth and awareness are being spread then for most people it would lose it's appeal when you see that behind the cameras are actually rape and sexual abuse.

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