• Kartik Thakur

Militant Dilemma

About this poem and how I came about writing it -

The news of the recent militant insurgency in our Kashmir Valley which led to the death of some of our most elite brothers in the Indian Armed Forces moved me to tears. This is a poem I wrote thereafter. The poem is from a militant's perspective and how he questions himself on the bloodbath and reflects on his decisions made.

Militant Dilemma

Waking up to December

Prepared to kill

All around a world beautiful

So quiet, so still.

Gun in hand he steps outside

Prepared to fight,

Dazzled by shining beauty

Of a world shrouded in white.

He fights for his holy by right

He fights for land

By hatred blind, on stories fed

Never felt the need to understand.

The gunshots became a reality

Once, twice, then thrice

The battle begins and none hesitates

Fresh bullets on a killing spree.

This feeling is poison that spreads slow

This maddening desire to murder and fight,

He goes on killing without thought

Without bothering to question his right.

Suddenly, he awakes to reality

A single word echoed inside

Slowly, he opens his eyes,

A question he asks ‘Why ?

A war ensues within

Hatred vanishes within,

A moment of quiet thought

And suddenly everything clears.

The enemy suddenly seems to be right

And all they want is fair compromise

They too on stories of death arise

Blood-lust redden in their eyes.

And then a single bullet finds its way

Across the threshold that stood in between

There came the end as he fell to the ground

Pools of scarlet, the white snow hardly seen.

He looks up into the sky

To the world, he whispers a last goodbye

"Sorry Mother, a hater I died"


Now that you reached the end of my poem, I'd like to know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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