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Migrants!! Data!! What are you talking about?

Credit: Satish Acharya

The government of India has informed the parliament that no data is available on the deaths of migrant during their exodus due to COVID, no compensation to be provided to the deceased for the same. Furthermore they do not have data on the number of frontline workers and healthcare staff who have died of COVID.

"Hey Sweta, I just way your post about this COVID situation.

Why do you always post negative things happening around?

The government is doing everything to tackle this COVID situation. Right?

Just try to appreciate them for once!!"

"You're right Kasu.

Health care workers and sanitation department have been working really hard for months now. But there is a bleak reality contrasting the statements presented by government.

Wait, I'll tell you some stories."

Dr. Simon H.

A doctor from Chennai who died due to COVID was attacked by a mob, denying his funeral. He was later buried in the middle of the night by his doctor friends.

Saiyub & Amrit

On the way back to their town in UP. Due to mass migration when lockdown began, Md. Saiyub lost his friend Amrit to hunger and exhaustion on the outskirts of MP.

Closed Shut

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) said that traders across the country are depressed because of minimal number of customers, considerable absence of employees, facing financial crunch and yet have to meet several financial Obligations.

No support policy from the central or state governments is yet another crucial factor which is haunting the traders.

"But people die everyday, thousands have died due to COVID, can we hold the government for everything? We're in pandemic, these things happens!!"

"I understand where you're coming from and that's valid. COVID has been hard on so many countries.

By claiming that there is no data for these struggles the government not only dehumanizes the people who have faced the brunt of COVID but it also makes the people who have died."

Prime Minister Care Fund

The compensation for those affected by COVID was to came from the PM care fund. Although there was debate that this is a private fund, in reality it is a government of India initiative and thus is a 'CSR' under the companies act.

"That means we can't get any information about the expenditure of the government."

"That is...a bit...odd"

"Hey, I understand, we have different opinions but sometimes it's nice to hear the other perspective. Thank you for these insights"

"Questioning and holding the government accountable is an integral part of a demography!

It's not a negative thing at all"

"Yes, absolutely"

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