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Marketing Mix of Dating

Disclaimer: This article is a work of fiction. All the names, characters, places, events, and incidents are the author's imagination and are used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons is purely coincidental. Many people will disagree on few points, but as we said its authors point of view. This article is to be taken in a funny manner and not seriously. Readers discretion is advised.

So, I and my friends were attending an online lecture for marketing. The lecturer was talking about 4 Ps of Marketing Mix. Suddenly one of my friends started talking about her relationship and she was bragging about how the guy was. So, my cognitive mind started to think about a correlation between the 4 Ps of marketing and her dating life. And that is what drove me to write this article.

To make it easier let me give you an idea about what exactly are 4 Ps of marketing? These are Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. The product is what exactly the company is selling. Price simply resembles what they are charging for it. The place is the location where your customers can buy product from. And lastly, promotion refers to how you are making customers aware about your product.

Let us start with our first P that is, Product. Now you must be wondering what is the product here? Let me tell you my dear readers you are the product and you have to sell yourself. Umm, that sounds interesting. Now, for this, you have to understand what exactly your “customer” needs. This is the stage where you are developing a product and/or improving upon already existing product. Basically, your aim is to improve on the features of the product. The best way for this is to ask your prospective customers and your existing or past customers what they like or dislike about the product. It's high time when you start calling your exes and ask why they dumped you? That is how you will improve on your existing features. Another important thing is to start asking from your crushes how exactly they visualize their ideal "product" (Don’t hesitate to talk to your prospective customers). In business terms, you are doing your own market research so that you can improve on the product. Also, you are understanding market sentiments better. After thorough research, you are ready to launch again in the market.

Now you must be thinking how the heck I will determine my price (you don’t have to determine your price literally, lol). Here the price is more about what your “customer” is willing to spend on a product. Ask questions like are your potential customers willing to spend their time and efforts on you (Don’t forget you are the product)? Are they willing to sacrifice the other "products" for you (Chill, I am not telling someone to break up)? The most important thing to keep in mind is, be price competitive. Offer more in less than your other "competitors" (your crush's crush). Also, keep in mind the cost you have incurred in product development and the price someone is willing to pay. They must be in equilibrium (Disequilibrium in the market causes disruptions).

Let us talk about the Place now. We are not talking about "place is not an issue" type place. Basically, it refers to where do buyers look for the product? Did you meet your ex in your college? College is the place then. Since you are ready to be launched in the market you have to search for new places to showcase yourself and where your customers can find you easily. You should plan more outings for clubs and pubs. That is where your most sought customers are coming (Am I right?). How can we forget Tinder, your go-to location? Also, don't forget to segment your market before you actually launch yourself. Keep your vehicles and install Ola or Uber on your smartphone, because the place factor also takes into account smooth logistics for your customers. You might get a call asking you out for a date (Singles don't cry please; you are on your way to that).

Now let me tell you, Promotion is one of the most important P for you from these 4Ps. I mean you are ready to be launched in the market and you have already decided where you will launch yourself and have already done the market equilibrium study, the main question which arises here is how will you market yourself? So, peeps start searching on google about how to make your tinder profile attractive? Package yourself self nicely (because; that, which is seen is sold a.k.a. joh dikhta hai voh bikta hai). I am sure most of you know that word of mouth is the best marketing strategy. It can destroy the product or may take it to the new Heights. Start bribing your exes to brag about your good qualities (If they haven't blocked you already and you ended on a good note). Tell your friend to showcase yourself nicely in front of your crushes. Rest I will leave it here making you curious to explore more. Also start working on your 4Ps before it’s too late and your love is already in 4 pieces (because of Abba nahi manenge).

PS: Love is not a commodity. Neither are you. Take this article in a fun way.

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