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Live the way you Drive

Life is like driving a car. There will be times when we start moving, times when we stop moving, times when hit a speed bump, times when we almost collide, and even times when we go faster than the law. There will always be ups and downs, roundabouts, so many forks in the road and missing road names. You won't know how to get to your destination from the path you are on, you don't have the area mapped out. But, through all of these times, especially while waiting for a red light to change, do we stop and examine ourselves? Do we understand that we are on a journey and that we have a car that will get us there? How do we know that? We don't just believe in the car, we make sure that everything is working as it should, quite unlike the picture below. We can find out if there is enough fuel in the tank or charge for that matter. We prepare ourselves to cross the distance.

There are also those times when we get lost, when the path we set was not what we thought it was going to be, the road was too narrow, it was a one-way street, there was construction going on or even worse, it was a dead end. What do we do? Do we really wait for the road to be constructed? Or do we persevere and find a way around the problem?

We always surprise ourselves when we find a blockade while driving. We always believe that there is a way, a path, albeit a much longer path, a path full of potholes or even through the water. We think that to cross a rocky terrain, we must be equipped with a 4 wheel drive vehicle with enough suspension and ground clearance to help us get through safely. Then again, if we did go through with a sedan, we just might find our tyres stuck in the mud or the snow. That's fine too; we’ll just fix it and be on our way. But who said that we need to use such expensive cars? We can always stick to our trusty Maruti 800. Sure, it will take longer, sure, we will get hurt, but it is the driver who decides if the destination will be reached, not the car.

I think our level in life or of our experience decides the model of the car. When we first learn about life, it is like learning how to drive your first car. License or no license, you must learn how to move yourself forward with the use of the car, be it an Alto or an 800, a simple car. You learn the ABC (Accelerator, Brake, Clutch), you fiddle with the nonsensical gears. You slowly get used to starting the car without making it jump. The first gear, the first years of our life. Slowly, as times passes, you get used to this and move on to the next gear. The more you drive, the more you gain confidence and the faster you move. You are getting better at life, you are starting to understand how life works. Then you reach the 4th gear and are proud to have been driving in the parking lot all by yourself without anyone getting hurt.

You finally leave the places that you are used to, you have the license to go out and drive wherever you want to, well, at least to the market nearby, or the petrol pump, or even to a movie theater. Yippee!! Your confidence is rising, you can really drive, you understand your car so well, and you even know how to fix it. But, there is a problem. There are others around you who are in the same boat if not in a better boat! But, you will have to push forth and let your confidence take control while you wiggle your way out of traffic.

Slowly, yet steadily, you become who you want to be, at the epitome of your life. You have become the master of your car and you frequent the top gear every time you drive. You know the area that you live in like the back of your hand. But, most importantly, you are not afraid to take this new found confidence and share it with the world! You can drive anywhere!

Now, let's drive.

About the Author

Tina Samuel is currently working towards making Bumblebee from the Transformers a reality. She would love to become a full cyborg one day and also loves to make music when the robots are updating.

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