• Radhika Agarwal

Joy of Loneliness

I walked isolated as a mist Which floated on hills and groves high o'er, Whenever I noticed a lot at once, A variety of silver quagmires; Beneath the forest, by the pool, Breeze flapping and spinning.

Constant like the stars which shine And by the milky way sparkle, We extended in an interminable rows At the edge of a bay: I witnessed ten thousand in one look, In sprightly music, flipping their hands.

The waves were spinning behind them, yet they For glee, the silver waves out-did: A poet only might be single, For such a jocund enterprise: I searched and checked, but no thinking Which riches the series gave to me:

I still lay on my sofa In a blank state or in a reflective state, That reflects in my inner eye This is the joy of loneliness; And then my core bursts with joy, And the daffodils spin.

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