• Aman Shyamsukha

It Does Not Hurt Any More

Pale face

Cold night

And drench eyes

A lonely man

Born out of a child’s demise

Ignored, mocked, despised and then left alone

Never had a place to call my own

Grew up a few years too early

Toiled hard to be someone’s worthy

"I don't need anyone", I had sworn

But sometimes the silence hurts more than the scorn

Pale face

Cold night

And a heart of ice

Because the world is cruel and fine

It lures you in with promises of something divine

And leaves you struggling in between the city of crime

The world doesn't like it when you succeed

It is filled with lies, deceit, and greed

You can try and try hard again

just to end up cry at the end of the lane

And while striving hard constitutes a noble thought

Sometimes trying hurts more than the pity fall

Pale face

Cold night

And a cynical smile

Though uncontrolled fury is a sight to behold

Revenge is a dish best served cold

And so, I made friends with my demons

and a sword out of my sins

Gave in to the voices in my head

and tasted the thirst for things that bled

Bleached my hair white

Like stars that shine on moonless nights

While my hands are bloodied, scarred and sore

It does not hurt anymore

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