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For this week, I'm switching from the usual marketing articles and poems to a short story. Just like that :) Musings! Dreamt of this ring last night, so wrote something on it. Tell how you liked it and if you'd appreciate more of these from my side in the weeks to come.

We collapsed on the bed - half asleep, half sober – giggling at the silliest of our jokes. It's 2 am, she rests her head on my chest as I see the dim lights of the room reflect in the coffee of her eyes. A Nikhil Dsouza song filled the silences in the background.

“How much do you love me?” she asked.

Her, she had this crazy habit of asking questions out of the blue and at the most solemn times, catching me off-guard always. Simply Her, always the curious one.

“I love you a day and more”, I replied.

“Just a day?” she asked nastily.

“Mm, a day and more.”

“Just say that you don’t love me!” she hit my chest playfully.

I pulled her closer, wrapped her in my arms & leaned in for a kiss as I explained to her that I’m the kind of guy that believed in living in the present, this day, this moment, me and Her. She snugged.

“I love you today and if God wakes me tomorrow, I’d love you more. Who knows we’d be alive tomorrow or live to see another sunrise? So I love you a day and more.”

She silently lowered her head, dejected at the thought of what brimmed.

Continuing the trend, I asked, “How much do you love me?”

Hands crossed behind my neck, I stared at the ceiling, not expecting a reply. Her, she is always silent if she’s sad. You could tell.

“I love you to infinities and beyond”, she replied, drawing loops on my bare chest.

“How long is infinity for you?”, I asked questioning her childish logic.

She reached up to kiss my neck. I felt her breath on me as she whispered,

“I’d love you till we’re eighty, when I’ve heard all of your stories and I’d still laugh bare toothed at the funniest parts of them. All of them I could have recited back to you without a doubt.”

“What if we don’t live to an eighty, would you still love me?” I spoke staring at the ceiling, not matching her gaze.

“Yeah, I’d love you still”, she smiled and closed her heavy eyelids begging for sleep.

I caressed her curls, looking at the ceiling, a thousand miles away.

She dreamt of infinities together. Little did she know we were fireflies kissing under the moon.

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