• Kartik Thakur

Yes, I’ll Be Your Friend

Yes, I’ll be your friend.

There are so many reasons why I should;

You’re sometimes sullen, often shy, acutely sensitive,

Your fear erupts as anger,

I find all this hard to resist

I love to hear you when you’re afraid

And often spend a day without you having

Anything to say.

The way you make me laugh

And love me quite a bit

And hold me when I’m sad.

I feel tears roll down your cheeks on sleepless nights

Because you’re more caring that the strangers know

And at times, I get to know your tender side

The soft & warmer part you hide

I promise, I’d be your friend.

A friend,

Who far beyond the feebleness of any vow or tie

Will touch the secret place where your sorrow’s lie.

To know the pain of lips that plead & eyes that weep,

Who will not run away when problems heap

When it all comes to an end,

With you by my side,

I’ll fight and defend.

O broken angel,

Yes, I’d be your friend.

There are so many reasons you’d never know;

Inside you’re dying cause you can’t believe

And you seem so serious sometimes,

Unpredictable as ever.

Sometimes cold & distant,

Thinking that you’d stay the same.

You brood & pout.

Oh, your anger can be wild.

But I know you will make me laugh

And love me just the same

And be near when I’m afraid

That’s why I promise

Yes, I’ll be your friend.

Tonight, I summon thoughts

That will you be by my side?

When you see my other side

When you find out that its not all the same.

I hide a side of me almost everyday

Because I’m more afraid than the strangers ever know

I’ve never opened up to anyone, And

Yet if I show you my trembling side

I wonder,

Will you be my friend?

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