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The Girl who Loved Converse [MUSINGS]

close up photo of a girl wearing Converse shoes

You'll find her lost in a book.

Travelling somewhere, earphones on, an adventure unknown.

Meeting faces unfamiliar, weaving bonds infinite.

She's not your normal kind of girl, like the one you met at the bar last Friday.

travel car converse shoes
Photo by Tamara Menzi on Unsplash

The girl who loved Converse lives to read as much as she loves to taste the smell between the pages of her favourite novel. She hates shopping as much as cliches.

The girl who loved Converse keeps comfort before class. She is free & she is independent. She is like the kid who would get lost in a library looking at all the hardback covers. Finding herself, finding how life would be feeling twenty.

Girl at a bookstore / library with a book thinking

She may be confused, chaotic, messed up or all at the same time. She's a little unsteady.

Do not for a moment think that you can be her hero. Stop yourself every time you think she needs a rescue & you are there. She doesn't. She has walked with lions & kissed fire sweet. She would shoot mountains keeping the gun on your shoulder but just remember to stay.

And that's one thing, out beyond the idea of time-

She is beautiful & she never needed anyone to tell her that.

The girl who loved Converse wants you to get her the moon one moment & sometimes just sit beside her & get her a cup of coffee & that's all she wants.

Sit by her side & watch her eyes as she tells you stories of a time gone by. Notice how the Sun reflects the dark of her eye & how those lips curl as she jumps to the part that excites her the most.

Be her sidekick, the girl who loved Converse is her own hero.

And if she ever gets lost & you cannot find her. Come back to the library & you'll find her there, crouched inside a castle of books, in her Converse, waiting for you.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

This isn't an article per se, but rather what we call here at The Heptade - Musings. Basically scribbling our thoughts, musings as they fly across the window of our minds before they vanish. Even before they end up in an Arijit Singh’s song or Nolan makes a movie out of them.

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