• Radhika Agarwal

Will Excitement Ever Rule The World?

Her eyes wandered aesthetic distances trying to seek chasteness in the art of living. She could gather a little less of what she searched for but a lot more of what she'd never expected and pleased her the most. She had been a complete mystery for she never intended to unleash her disposition. Never had she encountered turbulence, nor had she possessed any captivating memory.

What had averted her to blow off the very state of calmness?
What could've possibly stopped her?

Either it could be her disengaging past or intolerance of present or presumably insecurity of the future. She explored places,people,food,nature,fauna etc. But never sought what her soul desired for. She went on appreciating those delightful objects of God's handwork and cheered simplest happenings like the colour of the sky, blossomed flowers, twinkling stars, state of immaturity, the cry of an infant, the laugh of animals, dancing of rain, chirping of birds, the flamboyant voice of an aircraft and adorned the minutest gleaming paintings of nature.

It was those little things that we as humans tend to pass and ignore as and when we proceed in our lives. The only difference she drew was to experience every bit of it. She tried various stratagems to withstand her enigmatic state of self but it continued to defy her efforts. She was stuck and could do nothing except to pleasurably endure her Exuberance.

Maybe just the fact of discussing nature or what quenched her thirst for art and artistry seemed too impressive and therefore being disregardful of its harmony felt hard. She eventually realized that

the true essence of living is not to just seek what you desire but endlessly accept the grants and gifts of God that makes your soul dance from within.

She discovered how things lose their beauty when they are talked about. She could recollect those thoughts that left her very state of calmness gratified making her witness eternal bliss and vibrancy within herself.

That curve of her behaviour and deliverance to blissful state annihilated all her instincts causing her to move to seek to explore more. Her curiosity kept her lost and distracted from life's sanities and left her free whenever she desired for nature’s hand of support. She could feel the blessing, she could discover the beauty, and all she couldn’t do was to stop being curious about what she hadn’t explored yet.

She wandered, she disguised, she explored, she learned, she developed and eventually she became one aesthetic art of living.

Funny how nature never stops growing! Funny how we knowingly decide to ignore and move on with our lives, just like that. Parted and abandoned, we still carry the strength to be angry in the face of nature right when we have no one to blame.

Ironically, we are just here to survive, and the fight we have is not with the person we are becoming but with the nature that stands right beside to guide us. Let’s just take a moment and feel the things we do, in the last hour of the day. Maybe that makes us less predictable. Talking does destroy the symphony of silence.


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