• Aman Shyamsukha


Rohan stands at a corner of the room, like a lonesome fish in a tank. Kajal almost hurtled through his packing, while trying to stuff everything in neatly.

He still cannot do his packing.

Things that were once shared are now being kept into separate boxes.

But what about the love, how could that be separated into boxes or divided into two halves? Nobody has an answer.

He will be moving out tomorrow. And all that's left between the two, is tonight.

As the night arrives, Rohan is sitting alone at the dinner table. Kajal, with a plate in her hand, is moving towards her bedroom.

But in a moment's rush, she decides to return. She wants this last dinner with the one she had ever loved the most.

Their plates are just some centimeters apart, but the distance still looks impossible for their fingers to traverse.

Both are trying to shroud the affection they share.

There is no possibility of returning from this blaring silence.

These fifteen minutes feel like hours.

An eternity passed.

When love arrives, it is like a cup of coffee served, enjoyed by all where nothing goes wrong.

But the cup also leaves stains and sometimes they never leave.

The bedroom is now a place full of anxiety, where no one wants to live in.

The lamp flickers, shackling them into their own sadness. No matter what one's struggles are, everyone else would carry on.

Surely this provides some closure; but how can someone forget the moments that were cherished so much in the past?

Memory sometimes is a twisted device, it only remembers what one wants to forget.

Kajal reaches to switch off the lights, hoping maybe the darkness would provide some light.

Both lie on the same bed, not seeing each other.

Both are now fed up pretending with a calm face for each other while underneath having their minds battling themselves.

"Are you asleep?", asks Rohan.

"Yes", Kajal replies.

A burst of uncontrollable laughter breaks out without any reason or clarity.

These are the long-lost unadulterated laughter's from these children of separation.

Seconds turn to minutes till finally, sanity returns.

Tears roll down; both try to wipe it off but a habit is stronger than a heartbreak.

Both sit up half-smiling with their eyes asking, "Where do we go from here?"

Another eternity passed.

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