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The what, who, why and how of E-mail marketing

It’s 2020 &everyone has moved towards digital marketing. If your company hasn’t, consider yourself being the 2G phone in a 4G world. Yes, you are that old! Companies are coming up with more and more innovative ideas for reaching out to their customers digitally. With the extensive use of the internet and an increase in online-based digital technologies, digital marketing is now one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services. Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram &Youtube, content marketing, Influencer Marketing all come under Digital Marketing. Since marketing is all about finding your customer and interacting with them at the places where they spend most of their time, which is undoubtedly the internet, it becomes all the more important to not miss an opportunity to connect with your customers here. Now let’s dive into the pool of our today’s topic, E-mail marketing.

What is Email marketing?

When you market your products and services through e-mail it’s called Email Marketing. Sounds simple? You got to be kidding me!

It is one of the most effective ways of digital marketing in which mails are sent to potential consumers and past customers. These mails, if drafted effectively can convert your prospective viewer into a customer and past customer into loyal and repeating ones.

This type of marketing is more personalized and tends to develop relationships with your prospects and customers.

You can use e-mail marketing in many ways, like selling your products, sharing some stories or news, or say sending a newsletter, etc.

But, why e-mail marketing?

Do you know there are 3 times more email accounts than Twitter and Facebook account combined? According to the study by smart insights in 2018, E-mail marketing is still one of the most preferred ways of digital marketing beating SEO (search engine optimization), affiliate marketing, and some social media channels. Have a look at this infographic below to find out why e-mail marketing is still an effective way in the times of IoT and AI.

Okay, interesting! So how does this e-mail marketing works?

Think of Email marketing as made up of several small steps. Though simple, one should carefully plan each and every step for effective e-mail marketing. There are many ways to plan your e-mail marketing campaign like signing up for newsletters from your audience, hiring e-mail marketing service providers from outside, or planning a contest. Plan for what exactly you want to convey? Is it a newsletter, invitation, offer, or some invitation?

Follow this infographic below to see how successful an e-mail marketing campaign is planned and executed.

Please note: Some countries have strict laws regarding promotional emails. Read and be aware of all the legal requirements before shooting your final mails. In most cases, you have to ask for permission to send these types of mail. These points should also be considered while planning your campaign.

E-mail marketing: From the reader's viewpoint

  • ·In today’s fast-moving world, no one has the time to read long & tiring mails. Make sure that your messages are easy to scan in the first 8 to 10 seconds that your email is opened and are interactive at the same time.

  • ·Customers are not interested in all types of mails you will be willing to send through your marketing campaign. Make sure that you are sending only the specific information to your customers, which they are interested in.

  • ·Most of the people, nowadays are more active on mobile phones rather than their PCs or laptops, so make sure that your mails are properly optimized for all types of devices, especially mobiles.

How to create effective e-mails?

“If you had one shot?

One Opportunity.

One Moment.

To Capture,

Or let it slip"


Ultimately it’s the e-mail that will be delivered to your contact lists and all your hard work and planning will be supporting it. It will be this e-mail that will pursue your prospects or customer to take action. Design it effectively!

Don’t spam. I repeat don’t spam your readers' inbox at all. Think of the mailbox as a valuable touchpoint for the customer. Send them a sloppy message there and you have your brand and your brand image down in the spam folder. They may either block you permanently out of anger or irritation or unsubscribe you, irrespective of the fact that they are still interested in your products and services.

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Some facts about Email marketing

Some Tips &Tricks

Now that you’ve stayed here with me till the end, I’m going to tell you some secrets from my bag on Email Marketing to fuel your marketing campaigns. Listen up close.

  • Create lead magnets on your website:

It is something that can be given for free in exchange for someone’s email id. It should be something that creates value for the users like e-books, a newsletter, some cheat sheet or let's say a discount coupon. It persuades users to give their e-mail and hence your contact list will grow and so does your prospects.

  • Segment your contact list in advance:

If you have a good number of emails with you, segmenting them in advance will help you in a smooth process. Since you will already have different lists on the basis of certain criteria, it will be easy for you to shoot mails once your e-mail content is ready. You don’t have to waste time segmenting your list.

  • Keep a check on your subscriber list:

Keep a timely check on your contact lists and try to figure out your active and inactive subscribers. It will help you in removing those who aren’t interested in you hence saving your cost and efforts.

  • Write like a friend:

Write amazing content every time. Write as if you are writing to one person or a friend. This will result in more personalized messages and it will really appeal your subscribers to open those emails.

  • Avoid spam filters while sending:

Make sure that your emails are not going in spam folders of your subscribers. For that, we have to make sure that they have opted in to receive your mails. Some other measures like using good IP addresses and domain to send mails, avoiding spam triggering words, etc should also be kept in mind.

Let’s Wrap up

First things first, if you were ignoring email marketing, it’s high time that you start considering it and revaluate your marketing strategies. In today’s world, it is proving to be one of the most effective ways of marketing which are delivering huge returns. When done with precaution, it can prove to be an effective sales driver. If not, then it can annoy customers and ultimately hamper your brand’s image.

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