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Dystopian TV Shows: Top 10 to watch

The year 2020 seems like it will never end. And with this chaos, one would wonder about how the utopian world can be transformed into dystopia. To satisfy your curiosity and free you from the never-ending confusion of the best dystopian TV series, I did my quest to identify it for you! To find out which show have made the cut and to dive into a dystopian virtual world, check out the top 10 picks of dystopian TV Show to watch-



A German TV series coming straight from the production of Netflix is an absolute masterpiece. The three-season trilogy will keep you biting your nails up till the last minute! It is famous for its well-structured story, amazing acting, and let's face it-time travel, paradoxes, and complex family tree. (If you think Daenerys Targaryen being aunt of John Snow was huge, you have another thing coming)


The Handmaid's Tale is truly an exceptional piece of work if you are looking for how humans can degrade if left unchecked. It is a harrowing thing to watch how a theocratic rule can rise which will shatter everything. A place where rights and freedom will be a far-fetched dream, women will be objectified and traded like livestock in the name of God and righteousness. The most terrifying thing about this show is that it is plausible in the real world.


All of us have grown up with stories of machines taking over humans. (that's what the hype about the Terminator was all about) Black Mirror gives you a clear picture of how technology can disrupt our world (no, it is not hot robots attacking) and in many ways already has. With standalone episodes, every episode takes place in different timelines introducing us to a unique mind-blowing tragedy.

4. THE 100

Imagine if the world ends today and only survivors are the people working in space! That is The 100 for you. With Season 7 running on air now, it has come a long way from its roots. Several planets, time dilation, face-off with AI, and a pinch of cannibalism- the show has them all. Still, the major attraction of the show is the amazing cast and their connections. (who said we have to choose between good sci-fiction and full-on drama)


When the world is depleted of its natural resources, the world is divided into Have and Have-nots. For a chance to have a life in bliss, you have to attempt an exam which only 3 percent of the people clear. (if you ask me, still better than UPSC exams). The show attempt to portray the flaws in a meritocratic society.

How far the individuals will go to secure their future?

Will they themselves become the system or break it?

The show is all about tough choices (like should you buy that extra toilet paper, just kidding, also the answer is No)


Moving 300 years in the future, a place where human consciousness can be transferred into different bodies. (freaky I know, wait until they transfer you into a reptile) Hence, the rich never dies and the class inequality reaches its peak. The visual of the show will be a treat for your eyes giving you an aesthetic sense of altered reality! And, the show does not disappoint in its action sequences (if you love watching fighting in a dystopian scenario, you need to watch this!)


We all know who won in World War 2, yes the Allies did. But what if the Axis power did, (Nazi Germany and Japan ruling the world) the show explores an alternate reality in which they actually did. Exploring that reality, we meet some interesting characters which we can instantly relate to. The show tells you how one person can be so many things when circumstances changes. (just to screw up your mind, imagine in that alternate reality, they must have imagined a world where allies won)


Coming from the high budget sets of HBO, Westworld is the epitome of technology gone bad. The show is based on an amusement park where rich and wealthy come to do whatever they want to genetically engineered robots. The show is about their uprising. (surprise, ya I don't think so) The show perfectly packs drama, curiosity, suspense with amazing storytelling.


What if there is a meteor on its way to destroy the world and our only hope is the owner of a tech company. (You are thinking of Elon Musk too, right) This series tells you about how different countries, governments, organisations, terrorist groups will do to deal with the situation. One would hope that they will collaborate rather than fighting. (but, that myth is smashed both by the show and coronavirus) Santiago Cabrera in the role of Tanz is exceptional and just for his acting, the show is worth a watch.


All of us, dream that one day all the adults in the society vanish. This comes true in this series when all that is left of the society is the teenagers in a trapped town. Soon the party gets over, and the harsh reality starts to kick in. The cast attempts to create order in the chaos, hence in the process, becoming the things that they always hated. (yikes) You should watch this if you want teen drama along with coming of age stories with a pinch of sci-fiction.

Do you agree with my picks or want to battle with me on behalf of your favourite show. Tell me about it in the comment box.

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