• Neeraj Tulsani

Colors of our life

Imagine a rainbow without its seven colors. What will you feel? Now imagine a garden where there are black flowers only. What do you feel? The same is the case with our life. Without colors, our life is incomplete. It becomes pale, subtle, dull, boring, bland, monotonous, depressive, and lifeless.

Our soul becomes dyed with the colors of its thoughts. Colors in our life represent our thoughts, memories, emotions, attitude, feelings, and behavior. These colors of us paint our life into reality. They make our soul prismatic.

We are born in this world as a blank canvas. Our first colors which we are introduced to are- black and white. These are the most basic colors in the palette we have. These colors resembles the good and the bad.

As we grow older, we are exposed to more shades of colors in our lives. These can be joy, happiness, pain, sadness, love, hate, delight, compassion, empathy, affection, affliction, enthusiasm, optimism, and remorse. These form the basic colors in our life with which the canvas of our life will be painted. The world is made up of millions of colors; it is up to us what colors we have to choose for our canvas.

Further in your life, we paint our canvas through different colors which we find from experimenting with our basic colors. When we grow, our canvas is being filled with something in its path. In life, we encounter many individuals, occasions and we tend to develop more and more thoughts because of them. Also, while we grow, our life tends to change in various aspects. These changes and encounters in our life also develop new colors for our canvas. At this stage, people recognize us on the basis of what colors we have in our canvas, i.e. what are we made up of as an individual. We experience a different feeling from this someone or occasion. The feeling of mindfulness, authenticity, serenity, and a sense of strong positive energy is generated on our palette. Now, this feeling will result in the discovery of a new color on our canvas, as it already made its place on our palette.

Different types of colors represent our different traits as well. These traits can be emotional traits, characteristics of ours. By mixing these traits, we can also give rise to new colors, which predominates our canvas at that particular time. For instance, when we are sad, the dark color may be mixed with the bright one to reduce the darkness and hence giving rise to some new shade.

This is one viewpoint on how the diversity of colors come into our life. On the other hand, if we draw parallel lines between our lives and colors we know, everything in our life is associated with some or another color. Also, the surroundings and their colors are also responsible for our moods sometimes. Sitting in parks and gazing at greenery can make us calm. Dressing in bright colors can give us a sense of energy.

Generally speaking, in our life colors can be of two types- Warm and cool. Warm colors like red, orange, and yellow provide the illusion of heat and warmth. Cool colors like blue, purple, and green provide a sense of calm and relaxation.

The red colour is attributed to, love, joy, passion, health, energy, and life. Orange colour is attributed to warmth, change, and health. Yellow refers to happiness, cheer, warmth, and optimism. Pink reflects gentleness, sweetness, and playfulness. Blue is attributed to calm, wisdom, trust, integrity, and importance. Green attributes to health, environment, tranquillity, harmony, and growth. White reflects innocence, clarity, and openness.

We all are artists who are responsible to paint the canvas of our lives. We should see the world and its setting through our eyes and paint the colors accordingly. Sometimes, the canvas may be painted because of the other influence. But ultimately others will perceive us from the combination of colors we have used on the canvas of our life.

Color yourself!

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