• Radhika Agarwal

Blossom [MUSINGS]

Isn't it so ironic how a human being takes birth and subsequently indulges in his birth activities further? From "birth" we infer every stage of life to be inauguratory hence offering a distinguished challenge in comparison to an earlier one, though not every stage is offered delightfully. And the pace of our growth increases the rate of degradation and we're stuck wondering where we are headed. Some of us tend to wait for what's in store for the future while some of us tend to despair for what has passed. The dreaded dichotomy of the anxiety of the future and the passive bondage of the past.

The ability to conceive our advanced goals pauses at the very stage of development when our thoughts get directed towards the forgotten, looking into the past. We're inclined by the generosity of God, who lets our dilemmatic ideas get resolved, and it’s on the basis of this resolution we're prompted to yield better results. However, as we grow and expand and take a step into the world of concerns, rules, and flaws, we unfold worldly life interactions occurring step by step and eventually fail to realize the fading self-interaction.

When asked to expound, we forget to mention and appreciate the valuable contribution of our close ones and are consequently blown back by the air which is the endless stream of competition. Although it sounds mandatory, that doesn't justify our complete negligence for emerging as one reckless human being.

Equilibrium is required to be maintained so as to minimize the validity of dereliction. In the race of pursuing our personal goals, we become ignorant of the opinions of our loved ones and this happens to result in the crisis of natural love that majorly comes from them. We hardly make any opinion or conversation which leaves us all by ourselves. We fear isolation and crave the approval of those we love and yet we are the last to offer any ourselves.

On a scale of ten, try rating yourself in terms of who would you rather seek than your loved ones when they are the only legitimate beings in your life.

It never gets old. It comes, stays, and eventually passes by. However, it’s us who fail to make a rational decision for our own selves. Be it puberty, our adolescence, or any other stage of life, with increasing interactions come to the increased disparities and with that comes along our great conflicts of interest. We might manage to eliminate fears and dilemmas at the early stage, but what about the later stages where we are stuck with our own mind and body. A prisoner of our own selves.

It always happens to be us but we have the habit of gaining a shoulder. We barely make any choices, barely appreciate the attributes of existence because all we have grown learning is our mere comfort zone.

We got to watch, we need to see, hear, and grow from our very discomforting state of self. We should possibly try to acquire the applauds and appreciation and act wisely on our decisions considering the personal, social and intellectual life of ours, hence maximizing the element of love among people and balancing the substance of competition.

Only then you would blossom.

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