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Ad Wars: Rakshabandhan Edition

It's Rakshabandhan tomorrow and I'm sure all of you would be waiting for those rakhis, gifts, money, sweets and lovely delicacies mom would be making! The feeling of Rakhi is just so sweet naa! Personally, I look forward to it each year as I'm blessed with 5 lovely sisters. Big tribe eh? Equally heavy on the pocket! Jokes apart, it's not just you and me, brands have equally looked forward to it publishing content to garner footfall on their platforms and products this festive season. Some try too hard to please, some are just plain sweet and some touch us so much that we want to pick up the phone and dial our sis!

Here’s my critique on my top 10 favourite Rakhi ads and how they rate on my awesomeness index! Isn't it always about selling the feeling, not the product, right? Let's see which brands got it absolutely right! Which one’s have you missed? Let's jump straight to them! Read in descending order of awesomeness ( best to good )

If all of these are too much to watch in one go, you can bookmark this article and always come back to it later!

1) Amazon: #DeliverTheLove Dadi

Ah, I cried on this one! Midway through the ad, it looked like a typical dumb "Hey check out my online website, buy here" kinda ad but how they turned it around to something so touching! This got my heart -

" We've got over 10 crore products. But only you have what your sister wants."

Selling the feeling and not the product, perfect example! Going totally against it's own motto of online shopping to tell a message of "Bringing the love in person." The execution, direction and acting was perfect! Putting a traditional Hindi song, not a in your face loud music, at the end adds such a humble down to earth touch to the ad. Now that's how you make an ad!

It was surprising to see Amazon including an aged woman who isn't even in it's targeted TG, to be the center figure of it's ad. For those of you guessing, yes she is the same Daadi from KABIR SINGH. Adorable right?


2) PostPickle

Solo Performance. Simple Background. No pompous lightening. No heavy makeup. But BIG IMPACT!

This is a pressing concern in our society and needs to be addressed. Why are women supposed to be abused and why are most of abuses targeted towards women? And then we so happily worship them on Rakshabandhan.

I hope this ad was an eye-opener and it gains enough traction to even change one person's mindset. Also hoping to have similar ads on Mother's Day, Daughter's Day & Father's Day.


3) Amazon: #DeliverTheLove Father

This is the second one in the series of three of Amazon's #DeliverTheLove series. From my personal experience, one of the major drawbacks of Online Shopping is the absence of that real-world touch. Woh feeling hi nahi aati yaar! Amazon addressed their biggest drawback, accepted it and won it in this ad. Can you imagine taking on your biggest vulnerability and going against it to sell your platform!

"Is Rakshabandhan hum gift toh pahucha denge, par pyar toh apko hi pohchana padega."


4) Tanishq: Sisterhood

I chose and only chose this ad for the acting and the story. If it's about selling the feeling, this was one of the best way to execute it! Moving away from showing the typical brother-sister relationship, showing the other side of the story of a sister-sister relationship. Product Placement at the end after raising the emotional quotient to 10X, bang on!


5) Nykka

Just watch this ad till the end to fall in love with it! Haven't you been in similar shoes? Subtle & perfect focussed product placement and a walk down memory lane!


6) Schmitten Moments: #EkRakhiAur

Eye-catching for introducing a new concept this Rakhi. I hope after watching this you guys also tie one more Rakhi ! Ask me why ? Watch this ad to check for yourself :)

The story was pleasing and the dialogue were authentic and not sugar coated sweet stuff, just the constant nagging between brothers and sisters. Beautiful!


7) Gits Foods: #ThankYouBhaiya

Remember the Cadbury Thank you ad I told you about in my AdWarz: Quarantine Edition, here's where it was inspired from! Highly creative and changed the definition of Rakhi to the next level while incorporating their own product. I hope you dole out a little bit of kindness after watching this ad.


8) Honeywell

Respect and only respect for this one ! This ad was conceptualized in 2018 and is more than relevant in today's time of COVID19. Brilliant story, execution and simple dialogues.

"While she forgets herself taking care of the world. We take care of her."

focussing on the need for safety of women through their home safety appliances.


9) Videocon : #IWishIHadaSister

What would Rakshabandhan be without a sister, right? Kudos to the creatvity of this ad! No product in the ad, just an ad to increase the goodwill of the company and bring you a new perspective to Rakhi. Everything said, it's funny and at the same time emphasizes on what sisters bring to the dynamics of a family!


10) Cadbury Celebrations

Leaving you with the last one of the ads, that's just plain sweet. Leveraging the playful feelings between an elder sister and a younger brother. Nostalgia much?

Sweet just like their chocolates :)


I hope you had a great time watching these ads. Happy Rakshabandhan from the The Heptade Family!

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