• Aman Shyamsukha

A woman who became the god. Almost.

Everyday things happen that changed the way the world looks most days. It changes in subtle ways that go unnoticed on other days, on rarer days things happen that change it in dramatic noticeable ways. Changes that turn the world upside down and make it so the world of yesterday doesn't even recognize the world of today. This story is about a girl named Neha who was born in a typical middle-class Indian family but she was fairly anything but typical. She was a gifted child and her parents realized this in her very early age. They told little Neha that she was going to grow up and change the world.

She outgrew almost every grade in every school practically as soon as she started. Her teachers would tell her how incredible she was and that she was destined to change the world and that she was too smart for their classroom and perhaps their grade in general. Neha would end up jumping around to a couple different schools until she finally found a program that could handle her intellect. She would graduate each stage of education multiple years ahead of the norm. Acquiring an Ivy League undergraduate degree by 15 years old and a master's degree in computer science by 17. It was inevitable to everyone that she would go on and do something incredible and change the world.

While Neha was receiving her master's degree, her father was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. She watches her father wither down in pain. She had never felt so helpless and tormented she wanted to help her father but in few days he died. She realized in this experience of pain and more importantly the pain she witnessed her father experienced, she would do everything in her power to rid the world of such pain, to rid the world of disease, early death and suffering all together to create a new world. She believed there was a future where this could exist. Having left her mark on so many important members of the Ivy League community during her time in school as well as receiving substantial awards and achievements. Following graduation, she went on to work for several companies in the medical sector and she soon found herself pursuing research and software development in the genetic engineering space specifically encoding newborns with genes to have immunities to major diseases.

However, at the time Neha only had so much control over the decision-making in the company she worked with and felt that decisions were often made poorly and money and focus were often put on the wrong things. And so, in her late 20s Neha decided she would start her own medical software company. Several years later, Neha and her company would develop software that could assist in safe highly predictable genetic engineering. Neha would be responsible for creating an algorithm driven simulation software that could accurately model test and predict the effects of specific DNA editing what had previously been highly risky and complicated was now fully accessible.

Neha would be recognized publicly as one of the most intelligent and impactful members of modern humanity and for many of all of history. She dedicated her life to this. She sacrificed her youth her young adulthood and her middle adulthood. She worked non-stop. She had no social life. And now she did it. She changed the world forever. Just how she wanted to, just how she was told she was supposed to.

After few years, world's illness and disease rates were at an all-time low. Mental health was at an all-time high and the average lifespan was rapidly increasing. People were being born with exceptional talents and physical complexions. Incredible things were happening. Peace and cooperation were blossoming across the planet in a way humanity had never seen. Neha was witnessing her impact unfold into a perfect utopic world just as she had intended.

Few more decades passed and new generation took over. But something is off now. Suicide rates are the highest ever in history. Having been encoded with specific traits and skills, people find it increasingly difficult to find any meaning in their lives knowing they don't have much of a say in who they are or who they become. Being in good physical shape, having high intelligence and achieving success are generally easy and aren't that impressive now. So, people feel a void of motivation and doing much of anything. Mostly everyone is diplomatic with each other and conflict is almost inexistent. So, the majority of people are fairly bored with nothing to talk about, there is very little risk of illness or early death. So, no one real cares to appreciate what they have essentially. No one has any form of anxiety, anger, sadness or anything alike.

Life is so perfect it flatlines.

The world begins to crumble and people begin to search for ways to reverse the effects of genetic engineering. Neha, who is in her hundreds now, wonders how this could be, how she could have been so wrong, how could a perfect world be so imperfect. Neha dedicated her life to change the world and make it a better place where health problems were a thing of the past; where pain and suffering were a thing of the past; were aging and early death were a thing of the past; and were peace health long life and happiness could be a thing of the present and future. She thought she had done it, everyone thought she had done it and in essence she did do it but here she was witnessing the world collapse back in on itself and in this moment, she realized what she had missed. Even in her success of removing everything that appeared to be conflict, she actually created a new conflict. Nature have a funny thing to make sure things stayed balanced. No matter what she did or whoever would have inevitably done it after her, everything was to return to the same fundamental balance of good and bad, conflict and resolution, happiness and suffering.

The world upside down is really the same world just at a different angle.

In this moment Neha understood, it was not that her efforts were a waste, she was the person for the job and she did what she should have done and she did everything right except one thing.

She missed the point.

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