• Radhika Agarwal

A night under sky during the trek

An epic night adventure started with strolling along the unidentified path amidst the wasteland under the dark gloomy night deprived of bare utterances and motionless air where we headed aimlessly towards our unnamed destination. We continued to mark our steps across the edges being a contingent of coming across something that could provide us with basic amenities, but we instead ran into some unanticipated difficulties with the place that greeted us with two wild dogs and a dead deer. Terribly horrified and scared by the encounter we ran at a blistering pace and escaped into a nearly located shack. Apprehensive of our damned troublesome situation we discerned each other to regain the hope and confidence to escape successfully without being caught. However having found enough strength to move forward, we managed to flee into the thunderous weather that had taken place just a few minutes before. Trembled, we ventured put more into the jungle. Also having seen such wild agitated beings our dreadfulness got escalated along with already existing fear of trekking alone in a vast jungle. Sitting on the ledge of the hill, mindlessly masticating the self-grown grass and gulping lake water followed by exhausted stares at steep hills we survived some more time in the jungle wondering how to get rid of our present scenarios which were agreeably hostile for all of us. Our lowered energies approved of our destroyed capabilities to locomote within the territory of our resting place.

The time of dawn began to test our state of inactiveness with extreme weather conditions and physical risk. We after feeding ourselves walked ahead in the search of shelter under the starry sky towards the top through the dense forest and witnessed waterfalls seeking unlimited pleasure. After hours of walking, we finally hit the highest peak in the area providing magnificent panoramic views of the entire region. A thrilling night trek including overnight halt at the top and resting under the sky followed with an exciting list of events finally came to an end leaving us with an enchanting feeling. Waking up in our houses wasn’t as thrilling as that one night under the dark gloomy sky. The events chained up in our head and we couldn’t detach ourselves from that very memory of unlimited fear, courage, unpredictability, and hope. The one thing we learned was to never clutch on to fear and hopelessness. Irrespective of how we brought those elements in our life, the point was to record and register them for future events. We are surrounded by the most unpredictable and happening creatures where we barely pay attention to what passes by. Had we been so involved in our own talks and life, we must have been lying somewhere in the corner of those trees with our heads separated. But we were curious and scared since there was nobody to guide us through that scary path of the jungle. We were all by ourselves. What if life one day brings you at that point where you aren’t ready for it. What would you do then?

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