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Anhadd by Mahija

The Mama Bear of the group!  Empathetic. Infectiously Optimistic. Enthusiastically Extroverted. Disciplined. Systematic. Instant Hobby-Maker. Amazing Solution Finder ( read Jugaadu )
As unheard and unique her name sounds, so are Mahija's traits. She is truly the Jack of all Trades!
Backed by her deep knowledge of the human psyche, she disarms you with her smile! She's indeed a great counsellor & motivator.
Subtly diplomatic and effortlessly playing with words to express herself,  you wouldn't even catch her bluff !
Melts and goes weak at the knees for cold coffee,chocolates, pizza, pasta- umm, forget it ! Mahija is hell of a foodie !!

Crafted with love by The Heptade.