About The Heptade

What we are ?

7 Individuals. 7 different journeys. 7 lenses to the world. 

The Idea.


This blog is driven by combining the powers of the seven eccentric wits. The idea was to bring 7
different intellect
s together for you at one place yet giving 7 different lenses to view our world.

The Word.


Heptade traces its origin to the Greek affixes
-Hept meaning seven, &
-ade meaning group, so Heptade in literal terms means a group of Seven.

The Logo.

Our logo resembles a Septagram, which historically symbolises ‘the seven wandering stars’
(‘SaptaRishi’ for those of you who vividly remember their grandma’s stories in childhood), or ‘the
seven days of creation’, resonating with the 7 days of the week with each day having a different
person penning down their journey and thoughts to spread esoteric awareness amongst our

Came here looking for the cure for Corona, World Peace or Global Warming ? Not here, son. Some other website.


Our Team

7 Individuals | 7 MBA Students | 7 B Schools

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Weekend Shots

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Crafted with love by The Heptade.